ROLLER series is specially developed for the roller coating production lines. It is designed to be applied on aluminum plates first and then pressed to form the cookware (post-forming).

  • 3 different versions are available; PTFE, silicone and polyester.
  • 3 coat system which provides excellent release and abrasion properties.
  • Different primer, midcoat and topcoat combinations are available according to requirements.
  • It is available in metallic colors. It also provides a solution for patterned roller coating applications.
Technical Details
TypeWater based (PTFE)Solvent based (Silicone)
PretreatmentSand blasting, grit blasting or wire brushingSand blasting, grit blasting or wire brushing
Aluminum Thickness2mm-3mm2mm-3mm
Application MethodRoller coatingRoller coating application
Number of Coats3 Coats (4-5 rollers)1 Coat | 2 Coats (2-4 rollers)
Curing Condition420-430 °C | 10 min. (PMT: 5-7 min.)280-300 °C | 10 min. (PMT: 5-7 min.)
Dry Film Thickness (DFT)25-30 µ280-300 °C | 10 min. (PMT: 5-7 min.)
Color AvailabilitySome selected colorsVarious colors
Max. Operating Temperature240-260 °C140-210 °C
Non-Stick Performance
Abrasion Resistance
Corrosion Resistance
Process Flow Chart

Ptfe Roller Series 3-Coat Process Flow

Silicone Roller Series 1-Coat Process Flow Chart

Silicone Roller Series 2-Coat Process Flow Chart

DFT: Dry Film Thickness
PMT: Peak Metal Temperature

Actual process flow may differ according to customer line,
please contact ThernaRepresentative for more information.