PLASTIC series specially developed for the plastic surface of electrical home appliances and white goods. It has a wide range of color and effect options.

  • It can be applied on ABS, PBT, PP, PC and the other plastic surfaces.
  • It shows excellent adhesion property and scratch resistance.
  • It exhibits excellent humidity, chemical and UV resistance.
  • A wide range of color and effects is available.
Technical Details
ApplicationPlastic surfaces
SubstrateABS, PBT, PP, PC and others
PretreatmentClean with a suitable solvent (e.g. Isopropyl Alcohol)
Application MethodAutomatic or manual spray gun
Number of Coats1 | 2
Curing Condition70-80°C | 35-40 min.
Dry Film Thickness (DFT)20-30 μ for 1 coat, 38-50 μ for 2 coats
Color AvailabilityVarious color options (metallic or opaque)
Max. Operating Temperature80-90 °C
Adhesion after boiling in water
Scratch Resistance
UV Resistance
Humidity Resistance
Acid Resistance
Process Flow Chart

DFT: Dry Film Thickness

Actual process flow may differ according to customer line,
please contact ThernaRepresentative for more information.