BAKELITE series is specially designed for cookware handles. It also provides a solution for stainless steel handles.

  • It has wide range of color and effect options.
  • Available in matt, glossy, semi glossy and soft touch effects.
  • It can be applied as 1 coat or 2 coat with varnish.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Very good heat resistance.
  • A special version for the stainless steel surfaces is available.
Technical Details
ApplicationCookware handle and others
SubstrateBakelite, aluminum, stainless steel
PretreatmentSurface cleaning, vibration, degreasing
Application MethodAutomatic or manual spray gun
Number of Coats1 | 2
Curing Condition70-80°C | 35-40 min.
Dry Film Thickness (DFT)28-40 µ
Color AvailabilityVarious color options
Max. Operating Temperature90-100 °C
Boiling water adhesion
Dishwasher Test
Process Flow Chart

DFT: Dry Film Thickness

Actual process flow may differ according to customer line,
please contact ThernaRepresentative for more information.