ADVANCED series is developed to meet medium-high level non-stick coating requirements. It has a wide range of applications such as cookware, bakeware, small household appliances, etc.

  • Middle-high level coating system with better abrasion resistance than Basic series.
  • Primer of Advanced is strengthened with extra abrasive materials to extend the lifetime.
  • Advanced is available as 2 or 3 coat system.
  • When applied as 3 coat system, it provides better performance in terms of release and abrasion.
  • Various colors are available.
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Technical Details
ApplicationInterior or exterior coating
SubstrateAluminum, die cast aluminum or forged aluminum
PretreatmentSand blasting or metal brush cleaning
Application MethodAutomatic or manual spray gun
Number of Coats2 | 3
Curing Condition400-410 °C (2 coat), 425-430 °C (3 coat) | 10 min. (PMT: 5-7 min.)
Dry Film Thickness (DFT)25-30 μ (2 coat), 30-37 μ (3 coat)
Color AvailabilityVarious opaque and metallic colors
Max. Operating Temperature240-260 °C
Non-Stick Performance
Abrasion Resistance
Corrosion Resistance
Process Flow Chart

Advanced Series 2-Coat Process Flow Chart

Advanced Series 3-Coat Process Flow Chart

DFT: Dry Film Thickness
PMT: Peak Metal Temperature

Actual process flow may differ according to customer line,
please contact ThernaRepresentative for more information.